We get requests regularly for reading lists and resources, so here it is:


“Ghosts from the Nursery:   Tracing the Roots of Violence”

By:   Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith S. Wiley

Atlantic Monthly Press Books


“My Soul Said to Me”

By:   Robert E. Roberts

Health Communications, Inc.


“Somebody Else's Children”

By:   John Hubner and Jill Wolfson

Three Rivers Press


“The Perpetual Prisoner Machine”

By:   Joel Dyer

Westview Press



By:   Lewis Yablonsky

New York University Press


“No Matter How Loud I Shout”

By:   Edward Humes



“Makes Me Wanna Holler

By:   Nathan McCall

Vintage Books


“Always Running:   Gang Days In L.A.”

By:   Luis J. Rodriguez

Curbstone Press


“Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice”

By:   National Research Council Institute of Medicine

National Academy Press


“True Notebooks”

By:   Mark Salzman

Alfred A. Knopf


“A Rainbow of Gangs”

By:   James Diego Vigil

University of Texas Press


“Life Sentences – Race & Survival Behind Bars”

By:   Wilbert Rideau and Ron Wikberg

Times Books


“Framing Youth”

By:   Mike A. Males

Common Courage Press


“America Needs You Verdict

By:   Michael Kellett

CLS Publishing


“All God's Children”

By:   Fox Butterfield



“Doing Time:   25 Years of Prison Writing”

Foreword by:   Sister Helen Prejean

Edited by:   Bell Gale Chevigny

Arcade Publishing



By:   James Gilligan, M.D.

Grosset/Putnam Books


“What We See:   Poems & Essays From Inside Juvenile Hall”

Edited by:   Mark Salzman, Karen Hunt

Alethos Foundation


“Race to Incarcerate”

By:   Marc Mauer

New York Press


“The Real War on Crime”

Edited by:   Steven R. Donziger

Harper Perennial


“Cruel Justice”

By:   Joe Domanick

University of California Press


“Street Wars: Gangs & the Future of Violence”

By:   Tom Hayden

The New Press