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  Justice For Duc


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Producer's Representative:

Page B. Ostrow

Ostrow and Company

100 South Doheny Dr., Suite 210

Los Angeles, CA  90048


Ostrow and Company



Paul Westmacott is the award-winning Editor of "Juvies" and provides editing services.  Please visit his website for more details.

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  California Council for the Humanities


  Youth Law Center


  Ara Oshagan Photography


  National Alliance of Mental Illness


  The Gere Foundation


  Open Society Institute

Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D.

has been a big supporter and continues to fight the good

fight for juveniles.  See more about his work at:

Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D.

Thank you to Visual Sound, Inc.

They graciously provided our Spanish subtitling and closed-captioning

for the DVD version of the documentary.

Please visit them at:

Visual Sound, Inc


  Dr. Elizabeth Sowell - Brain Research

California Connected

Prisoners of the Census is a special project to quantify, publicize, and reform the current practice of utilizing the Census to shift political power away from poor and minority communities and into the hands of prison expansion proponents. The website will serve as a repository for research and advocacy on the impact on our economy, society and democracy from miscounting the incarcerated.


Prison Sucks is a clearinghouse for useful, verifiable statistics about the crime control industry. Too often prison activists use statistics that are out of date, provided without citation or simply wrong. One of these days the public will start listening to prison activists, so let's be prepared to win without being sidetracked by arguments over defective statistics. In some cases, the numbers we need don't exist. In others, the facts exist but activists don't know where to find them. Now you do. Start at


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